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How To Organize A Move

Do you have to organize a move? On this page, you will find everything you need to know about all aspects related to your move. We give you information about planning, costs, and suggestions to make decisions intelligently.

Moving a house is quite complicated and takes time. Hiring a company, packaging, and preparing your new home, along with your daily affairs, all add up to a stressful moment in your life. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to help relieve that stress or take control of the chaos that can cause that day.

Create a checklist: a list of all the things you need to do will really help you visualize the tasks accumulated in the move. This includes notifying all the people necessary for your move, organizing the care of your children or pets, and packing. The greater the organization, the movements will be more efficient and will have less cost.

Calculate the time you need: make sure you have enough time to complete the items on your checklist. With packaging, start early, go from room to room, and with things you won’t need right away. Since it consumes a lot of time, it is worth considering hiring professional packaging services that your moving company can sometimes do.

Relaxing activities: in the middle of the move, it may seem that you have no time for anything other than things related to it. However, it is important to have some time to relax. Go out for lunch or dinner to celebrate your move or enjoy a walk through your new neighborhood. You can meet your new neighbors and ask for advice, helping with adaptation to the new environment.

Reduce The Cost Of Moving By Comparing Companies

Moving means an emotional and financial cost. One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of moving is to carry out a thorough investigation of moving companies. Save money by comparing the prices of the different specialists related to the moving sector. Request moving quotes from up to 6 companies to determine the best option and save up to 40% in costs.

10 Tips To Make An Office Move

Making a move is never easy, but if we add that the move is from one office to another and that all employees are involved, the task can be even more complicated. Given the complexity, we wanted to organize the steps you must take to make a successful office move.

Plan Your Office Move

The planning time of an office move varies depending on the size of the company. In most cases, small businesses do not need more than eight weeks, in the case of medium and large companies, it can vary between three and eight months. This period is the most important because it will be the one that sets the pace for the next steps.

1 – Mark a date on the calendar:  Moving out of the office means cutting off the company’s activity for a few days. The most appropriate is to choose a time of the year in which the business sector has a smaller activity. In general, the summer months are a good choice, although you should keep in mind that some of the staff may be on vacation.

2 – Study the new space: Knowing the new space is essential to establish new work areas, rest, reception, offices, etc. Making a good approach to space will avoid making short-term reforms.

3 – Supplies: Usually, they are usually in the name of the former tenant or the owner; in this case, you must manage in advance the transfers of ownership of electricity, telephony and internet, and water.


Organize Your Office Move

Organizing and coordinating all the employees so that they collaborate at the moment that it is necessary to carry out the office move is complicated, especially in medium and large companies, the most advisable thing is to follow the following steps:

4 – Good communication! If we want all employees to know how to proceed, it will be best to inform each of the department directors so that they are the ones who carry the message.

5 – Establishes procedures: Make known how and when the tasks that involve moving an office should be done: collect personal belongings, how to deal with confidential documentation, how to transfer hazardous materials, etc.

Let’s not forget that the organization also implies a series of contracts that cannot be left at the last minute.

6 – Surround yourself with professionals: When making an office move, you must choose an experienced company because the office furniture is more complex when performing assembly and installation tasks. There will be several if not tens of moving companies in your local area that can help you move your office. It’s a good idea to call at least 5 or 6 and get quotes supplied to find out the average ans then go with the one that seems like it’s a best fit while avoiding the cheapest. Cheap doesn’t mean good when it comes to moving offices.

7 – Study the budget: Before making any hiring study between 3 and 4 different budgets and make sure that their services cover all your needs (packaging, insurance, assembly …)

Run Your Office Move

Once the day comes, you have to put into practice what you have been planning and to organize in recent weeks.

8 – It’s time to pack: When making the boxes, it is very important to establish an order. Establish an alphanumeric code that indicates department and box number, for example, DM12 – Marketing Department / Cashier 12. With this, make a list that indicates what each of the boxes includes; in this way, if you need something, you will quickly know where to find it. Personal material, as is the case with laptops, it is best that you move them yourself.

9 – It’s time to clean up! There is nothing better than a move to get rid of all those papers, junk, materials … that are no longer necessary. Take advantage of the moment of packaging to recycle everything that is not going to be useful or necessary in this new stage.

10 – Notify your customers and suppliers: You have changed your address, and you have to tell everyone who has a relationship with the company! Suppliers, customers … the most advisable thing is to prepare an official communication and change the contact information on the web, in Google My Business, or in possible company listings.

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